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Amazonite, my handmade Litho Pebble

Amazonite, my handmade Litho Pebble

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  • Green Chakra : our Amazonite pebble will help you relieve your excess stress and anxiety (and much more ~)
  • Authentic : 100% natural stone (no resin, no tinted glass, no chemical treatment or laboratory manufacturing)
  • Handmade from raw rocks from Madagascar, selected by my father (a professional lapidary) from the quarries.
  • High quality : our stones are worked and polished meticulously by our master craftsmen.
  • Support for artisans: our stones come directly from our family workshop in Madagascar, without any intermediary, for fair remuneration.
  • A reduced carbon footprint: unlike other stones, our stones are delivered directly to France, without passing through Asian warehouses.
  • Adapted format transport & practices Lithotherapy
  • 100% Satisfied : If you are not completely satisfied with your stone, our after-sales service will bend over backwards to correct the situation, we promise!
  • BONUSES : A litho summary sheet of the virtues, purification and recharging slipped into your order
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reconnaître fausse pierre non naturelle

Eusice's Challenge

At Eusice, we started from a simple observation: the quality of the stones found on the market is deplorable.

  • in 60% of cases, these are fake stones (resin, tinted glass, reconstituted with glue, etc.).
  • in the remaining 40%, they are poorly polished, very included or simply ugly…

In short, I have no desire to incorporate his stones into my life.

If we want to practice Lithotherapy (or if we are just in love with stones), we need much better than that.

And one of the best places to find stones full of energy, breathtakingly beautiful, is Madagascar!

eusice équipe géologue Madagascar

A family quest: in search of the ultimate stone

Madagascar is one of the lands where the subsoils are the richest and most diverse in mineral species.

It was also there, in the heart of the mountains, that my grandfather was born.

It was he who first developed an acute passion for minerals when he became a geologist.

And still today, my family lives there. In the meantime, my father became an accomplished lapidary and I myself turned to the profession of geologist.

My family has been studying and shaping stone for 3 generations, all with the aim of offering the most beautiful creations possible.

To do this, our workshop works against what is done in the industry:

Instead of imposing a frantic pace on our craftsmen to produce the maximum number of stones possible in the shortest time (like the large exporters of the Third World), we try to carefully choose the most beautiful rocks in order to obtain value from them. exceptional stones.

It’s hard work that takes place in several stages, each of which requires great expertise…

1. The Choice of Raw Rock

Every week, the mines we work with deliver raw rock to us.

Here we already see the first difference between Eusice and other lapidaries: the vast majority of lapidaries keep and work all the raw rocks they receive.

At Eusice, we only keep the best ones (around 20%), after a long review process.

It costs us more and takes us more time, but making sure we have the best possible rock is essential to obtaining breathtaking stones!

( Note: my father is very happy with the way we do things. Before working at Eusice, he worked with large exporters who asked him to produce a large volume of stone rather than quality. Today, he and his craftsmen can take their time and create the most beautiful stones possible )

artisan lapidaire eusice atelier madagascar pierre fait main

2. Cutting the rock: the key step that no one talks about…

After selecting the best possible raw rocks, they must be cut.

This is where it’s make or break! (Impossible without the right know-how)

If the cutting is well executed, if it respects the nature of the rock, its inclusions and its natural veining... the stone will reveal all its colors.

Whereas if it is done in a hurry, a rock that originally had a lot of potential will be wasted.

You should know that “acting quickly” is an obligation for many workshops, since they are paid by the kilo by their customers (large exporters).

At Eusice, our craftsmen have the time:

  • to examine the rock
  • to manipulate it
  • to call a colleague to get their opinion.

It is by taking this time that my father and his colleagues are able to get the best out of each rock we work, without spoiling anything.

Polissage d'un galet pierre naturelle fait main

3. Transformation into polished stone

Polishing involves using abrasion between two materials to obtain a smooth, soft-to-the-touch surface.

These polishing steps are crucial because if they are not done carefully and for long enough, the stone will not be smooth...

Worse ! If these steps are done too hastily (which other lapidaries do...always due to lack of time), the stone will overheat and this will create pits (small chips) on its surface.

(Note: we have even developed polishes adapted to different types of stone. For example, my father developed a special polish with 7 different successive materials for soft stones, like Opal. Most other lapidaries only make 2 polishing… and the same for all stones )

Now that we have seen how Eusice proceeds to offer you the most beautiful and effective stones in Lithotherapy, let's look at the star of this page, Amazonite!

Find out more: Amazonite

Before we look at the virtues of Amazonite, my conscience as a geologist requires me to quickly show you the technical sheet of our Amazonites:

  • Structural chemical elements: K,Al,Si,O
  • Geological family: Feldspar
  • Hardness: ~6.5 Mohs
  • Color(s): Green
  • Chakra: Heart
  • Origin: Madagascar

What are the virtues of Amazonite?

Here are the virtues of Amazonite in Litho:

  • Help with relaxation and combat anxiety
  • Absorb uncertainty
  • Protect against negative energy sources
  • Relieve tension
  • Serenize a place
  • ...

To help you find your way, we have put together an Amazonite Cheat Sheet, which you will receive as a bonus with your order!

Inside, we will tell you more about the virtues of Amazonite, its cleaning, its recharging and its purification, etc.

Being an Eusice customer means preserving know-how, an environment and the people who pass it on!

Eusice Equipe artisan lapidaire de l'atelier à Madagascar

The (ethical) advantages of family business

In Madagascar, the least we can say is that life is not easy…

Poverty is still very present for the majority of the population and it is not always easy to eat properly.

This is why many Malagasy lapidary artisans accept the abuses of big players in the industry:

(they have often never known anything else)

  • a blatant lack of safety in workshops and mines (no protection, no helmets, dangerous machines, etc.)
  • No protection against stone dust (which causes respiratory illnesses)
  • Violations of human dignity (delay and even refusal of salary payments, without reasons).
  • Cruel instability (there is no right to work in Madagascar…you can lose your job for no reason overnight)
EPI éthique équipements de protection individuelle pour les artisans

It is because we ourselves have suffered from this system that we decided to fight against it with Eusice.

In our workshop, we have therefore implemented:

  • personal protective equipment ( cut-resistant gloves, masks, etc. )
  • a first aid kit (it may seem crazy but it’s the first time our craftsmen have seen this)
  • safety standards inspired by European standards ( the machines are built by us because we were not satisfied with the offer on site! )
  • job stability & access to training (our production methods require real expertise)

but also small advantages…

  • every day, a meal provided and offered to all artisans (often homemade!)
  • a family support association ( 1% of Eusice profits are donated to this association )...

And we still have plenty of other ideas to implement in the coming years!

Apprentissage formation d'artisan réflexion artisanat avant découpage

A counter-current approach to changing the stone industry

Did you know that you will never get a stone like the Eusice stones anywhere else?

Since our objective is to shape the most exceptional stones possible, we do not really have the same objective as other Malagasy lapidaries who seek to produce large quantities quickly.

It would therefore have been very surprising if we worked in the same way...

…and as you have understood, we like to do things our way!

At Eusice, when the craftsmen wish to work on a new rock or a new format, they work together and carry out a series of tests to obtain the best possible stone:

  • the gentlest polishing possible,
  • a color that is as sublimated as possible,
  • a limited presence of natural inclusions,
  • etc

And these tests never stop...

… Never !

Quite simply because (my father is very perfectionist) we continue to try to improve.

papier bulle recyclée environnement Madagascar industrie de la pierre

And we believe that it is only through effort that it is possible to have the most exceptional results and the most beautiful stones that can exist.

In short… you will never find stones like those of Eusice because

we aim to make the most beautiful possible and to achieve this goal, we develop our own methods in our workshop.

These methods are invented by the hands and minds of completely brilliant people whom I thank and kiss very much!


Our goal is to offer you access to the most beautiful stones possible so that they bring you the best. If you don't like one of our stones, you can choose to exchange or return your stone up to 30 days after your purchase. This never happens, but we want to be sure that nothing is stopping you from discovering Eusice creations!